ScholarCon is a collegiate conference, developed by The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) and hosted in collaboration with other honors organizations. ScholarCon provides an engaging platform where scholars create a community driven by bold ideas and inspired action.  Dave Farrow … [Read more...]

Niagara College Memory Club

Niagara College, located in the Niagara Region of Ontario Canada, was the first Canadian college to start an on-campus memory club with Memory Expert Dave Farrow.  Their program, Get Started for Success, offers training and support for first time and returning students with learning challenges.  … [Read more...]

La Salette Historic Church Fundraiser

La Salette Historic Church, located in rural southern Ontario, Canada, is community owned and operated as a venue for special events.  In October 2011, La Salette Historic Church hosted Dave Farrow for the first ever Farrow Memory Fundraiser.  Community members promoted an open-to-the-public Memory … [Read more...]

St. Clements School

St. Clements Catholic Elementary School, located in rural Ontario, Canada (near Kitchener) brought Dave Farrow to their school gymnasium in 2011 to educate and motivate students toward academic success.  Kids from Kindergarten to Grade 8 learned quick and easy tips to focus better and remember … [Read more...]

Robotics Fundraiser St. Catharines ON

Robotics Team DM High Voltage 2852  from Denis Morris Catholic High School in St. Catharine’s Ontario, Canada is a robotics team with a flair for learning.  Mentored by Dave Farrow, the DM High Voltage team brought Dave to their school auditorium in 2014 for a Farrow Memory Fundraiser.  Lead … [Read more...]

Buffalo Ken-Ton Chamber Fundraiser

The Kenmore-Tonawanda Chamber of Commerce (Ken-Ton) is located in the wider Buffalo NY area.  In 2011 the Ken-Ton Chamber invited Dave to speak at a monthly meeting and were impressed by the techniques.  Later in 2012 the Ken-Ton Chamber worked with Dave to host a Farrow Memory Fundraiser, open to … [Read more...]

Watch Memory Tournaments in Action

After just 15 minutes of instruction, Nousheen and Ryan have their first practice memory tournament. They had 1 minute to study a list of random words and then try to recall them in order. They recalled 12 items. 5 is average. 9+ is considered genius level. It's that easy! You can get started … [Read more...]

Testimonial: Rick Green

Rick Green, from, shares his testimonial of Memory Tournaments. Rick shares how students of all ages can apply these techniques easily and how it can help with ADHD as well. For our Canadian Memory Masters, learn more about the Canadian Memory Tournament by visiting this post. … [Read more...]

Canadian Memory Tournaments

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Jump Start Your Memory

You can improve your memory, right now, in under 10 minutes. Don't believe us? Watch this video of Dave Farrow teaching you a memory technique for random sequences: With just this one technique, you've already got all you need to get started with Memory Tournaments! Start your Memory Club now in … [Read more...]